Photos of "The Loudest Man on Earth"  by Tracy Marrtin and, Mark Kitaoka


                                                                                    Full-Length Stageplays: 

THE LOUDEST MAN ON EARTH  (full script can be found at www.newplayexchange. org)
Full-length Comedy. Cast of 4 - 2Women 2Men (1 deaf, 3 hearing)
Flexible set. 
S.F. Chronicle- Top Ten Plays 0f 2014 
Edgerton New American Play Awardee  
Commissioned by Philadelphia Theatre Workshop  
Workshop: Dartmouth under NYTW August 2011 
Readings: New York Theatre Workshop 2010, 2011 
Workshop: TheatreWorks, Palo Alto 2012 
World Premiere: TheatreWorks, Palo Alto;  July 2013 
Jordan Weiss was born deaf. A maverick theater director and staunch non-conformist, Jordan's got his life pretty well mapped out. Until he meets Haylee Masters - a quirky, independent journalist, unfazed by his screams to get off the stage during a rehearsal. They are instantly drawn to each other but unprepared for the road ahead. Haylee sees the world as a place where everyone should get along, whereas Jordan is a loner; Haylee comes from a family of Protestant bluebloods, while Jordan is a Brooklyn Jew who has rejected his past; And of course, there's the fact that Haylee can hear and Jordan can't. Together they must maneuver around a police bust, Haylee's senile grandmother, painful brunches with idiotic references to Koko the signing gorilla, and more. Is it possible for each to change to be the couple they want to be? The Loudest Man on Earth  is an unconventional comedy about navigating the terrain of opposites and oppositions on the road of love.

Full-Length Drama. Cast of 5 -  3Women 2Men
Single Set
Commissioned by BCKSEET Production 
Production: BCKSEET Productions; March, 2011 
Everyone has secrets - and in 1953 there are plenty. The Russians have spies, the Congress has hidden Communists, and Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are willing to die to keep theirs. On the SS President Wilson ocean liner, five well-to-do passengers sailing from San Francisco to Hawaii are no different. From Adlai Stevenson, recently defeated in his bid for President and his married “friend” Alicia Patterson to the ship owner’s daughter, Ruth, and her best friend, Hortense, everyone is hiding something. But no one seems to have more secrets than the odd and compelling Stuyvesant Baird. Five lives brought together on a six-day Pacific cruise are changed forever by the time they finally dock in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Full-length Drama. Cast of 5. 3Women, 2Men. (2 deaf, 3 hearing) 
Single set 

World Premiere: Martha's Vineyard Playhouse; July 2018
No one at the General Store in Chilmark Martha's Vineyard ever considered their home special or different. They’d always spoken two languages: sign and English. It was just the way they did things. Most of the time they couldn’t remember who could hear and who couldn’t. Until the day a well-meaning stranger arrived. And with a single question brought discord and division between good neighbors and life-long friends. (Rooted in the history of the signing community that thrived for over 200 years on Martha's Vineyard. The play is performed simultaneously in English and American Sign Language) 

Full-Length Drama. Cast of 6 - 4Women 2Men
 Flexible set 
Winner: New American Voices, Landing Theater, 2015  
Workshop: Fullerton College New Play Festival, 2014 
The year is 1978. The Sixties are over and Reaganomics is moments away. It’s a time in-between. At the Pierson School, a private girls boarding school in New York State, the students share responsibility with the faculty for their education and their school community. Maggie Guthrie and Peggy Norris are roommates and best friends. In their senior year at Pierson, they have the added responsibility of being dorm proctors, charged to taking care of the younger students. Unwittingly, Peggy finds herself in the middle of a tug-of-war between the past and the future when a lecherous music teacher, two lesbian counselors, a dominating new Dean of Students and a 12-year old Iranian student dealing with the confusion of a revolution at home converge and explode. Peggy is pulled in all directions and each one is not the direction she wants. How much say does a young woman have in determining her future? 

Full-Length drama. Cast of 4 - 2Women 2Men
Single set 
​It's 1975 and 52 year-old American, Stewart Carver, is living in his empty luxury lodge with his mistress in the southern wilderness of New Zealand. He's bewildered at the way the tide has turned against him. When he first arrived everyone was his friend and the luxury hotel he built and ran was considered revolutionary. But now, he's fighting his wife, his lawyers, the bank and the Prime Minister. Stewart's determined to win back and reopen his business, but everything and everyone is getting in his way. It seems the only friends he has are the rutting stag outside his cabin and the bottle of booze in his hand.

​​Necrogenesis Plays:
      Double Helix -Winner 2003 American Theater Coop Full-Length play award
      Woodside - Reading and workshop directed by Libby Lyman
      Family Belongings - Reading and workshop directed by Leigh Silverman
      Main Line - Winner North American Voices, AAUK, West End, London

English/Sign Language plays:
       Ben the Mute (10-minute play) - Winner Festival of Ten, SUNY Brockton
       A Nice Place to Live - Produced 2004 Wheelock Family Theater, Boston

Rocked in the Bosom of the Dead: A Trilogy of One-Acts
       To the Power of Two
       The Sum of Me - Winner of the Arts and Letters Prize for Drama, GCSU GA
       The Dead Age